Distraction is causing business obesity.

Employees today have faster computers and internet connections. But research shows they’re less productive than ever before. Up to 40% less productive.

Not their potential is holding employees back from achieving meaningful results. It’s distractions. Irrelevant social updates from within your company interfere with productivity. And because it’s so much easier to get disturbed, social media, email chains, and meetings are causing more interruptions than focus.

The right balance
to collaboration

Not every culture is equally productive

Most companies want to foster a productive community culture around shared purpose. Yet increasing business communication seems to reduce effectivity. This results in a poor amount of value in relation to the time and costs of producing that value. This could be because (1) your culture is impossible to change and you’ve already become as efficient as possible or (2) the reasons for poor productivity aren’t understood.

Breaking habits and taking action

Do you want to break the habit of continuous emails, lavish meetings and superfluous information? Then you need to understand the real reasons why people do what they do. And develop a culture in tune with your company’s true potential. True embodiment of your culture means understanding the reasons why people do what they do.

Understanding true potential

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for collaboration. If there was, your company would already be living up to its true potential. We start with understanding the biggest pain-points where better collaboration would add the most value. And solving those pain-points first.

Form a winning tradition first

We analyse the state of your culture before we consult to build anything. Instead of implementing yet another elaborate workspace for everyone, each solution is carefully constructed to reach specific goals.

Start with a trickle

You don’t need more of the all-you-can-eat social buffet. Changing an entire corporate culture isn’t done overnight and it starts with small examples of success. That’s why we improve elements that have impact and showcase the power of collaboration without disturbing productive processes.


Instead of making people need more things

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Some of the analogies we can draw from top sports can be concretely applied in the workspace. Have you ever wondered how most athletes can achieve the things they set out to do?

Each player is unique

Imagine each employee being able to derive valuable meaning on their own terms instead of having to plunge through floods of files, folders, and emails.

Your culture eats software for breakfast

An unproductive workplace starts with an email flood first thing in the morning. Like with professional athletes the fun should start with their first interaction of the day. We apply game elements to build serious fun where productivity matters the most. Your culture will still eat software for breakfast. Except it will be a healthy meal.


It isn’t as easy as it sounds. We need to understand the real reasons for poor productivity. We need to find the smallest piece of software that will generate the highest value. And we need to understand the kind of games your employees will want to play.

Designed for serious fun.

Collaboration Elements is built to handle large scale complexity. It’s a real-time and linearly-scalable data management platform that brings game industry qualities to enterprises. This means several thousand people can all work and collaborate on several million things at the same time. And understand how the work of others affects their own in the moment.

Collaboration Elements can handle millions of unique interaction events per minute:

  • Every interaction is recorded
  • Interactions can be combined by individuals into different sets to make meaning: in real-time.
  • Preconfigured sets of interactions can be recorded
  • Built-in analytics create new insights


Who are we?

We’ve been developing collaboration applications for every conceivable community over the past 10 years. Independent fashion designers working together to sell their product. Farmers collaborating with the ultimate consumers of their products to make better food.

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